Hello again my friends!


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First, I really like the layout, and having a place to discuss film medium format in general. I am coming back after a bit of hiatus for the past few years.

I first was exposed to medium format in my high school days, some 50 years ago.

My first use was a twin lens Mamyia. It was large and clunky compared to the 35mm rangefinder that my brother-in-law brought back from his tour in Viet Nam. I learned many things in those early years; composition, processing and printing and the magic of B&W film.

Later, I worked in a professional portrait studio and processed and printed all of the B&W. In the mid 70’s B&W was still used for business and senior High School portraits. It was at this studio that I was “exposed” to the Hasselblad system and the Mamyia RB67.

The 35mm was still a strong force in my photographic “development.” I went from wedding photography & portraits with 35mm Nikon to a Bronica ETRSi system. The larger negative was great to work with again, and the advances in film made grain almost unseen.

One thing leads to another, and the years evolved with digital being the answer to the instant gratification of images. I am always on the search for a gently used Bronica system; even though I am hesitant to buy from a Japanese reseller, I still look.

One day, I will get back into 120/220 film, though probably not to the extent that I was in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

I will continue to lurk within the Medium Format Family, always looking for that gem that has been lovingly cared for, but no longer needed.

Doug in Colorado