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Light meters


New Member
Gossen light meters are amazingly stable and give correct readings even after many years of service.

At camera fairs I often check them against each other.
Largest difference between 2 used Gosssen meters is never more than 0.25 stop.

Benoit Petot

New Member
Where do you find batteries for your Lunasix.
I've been using Lunasix since 1974, but the battery has been disrupted and nothing seems available at the same voltage.

Now I'm using a Sekonic 308, which is, for me the numeric equivalent of my old lunasix. Not too expensive, light, easy to use and very accurate.


The latest Lunasix type, the 3S, uses silver oxyde batteries which are easiliy avilable. For older types there are adapters, I believe.
Hard to believe but true: I am using a Lunasix 3S from 20 years, not only with my Hasselblad but also with other cameras, and I still have to replace the battery set I purchased with it!
A Gossen exposure meter is a very reliable tool, particularly in average photography. For 10 years I have been using a cheap Sixon without mistaking any exposure. I move to the Lunasix, more than for his sensitivity, for the possibility of blocking the needle that makes so comfortable the reading of exposure.
With many wishes of great pictures!


New Member
I have found the "LightMeter" App of David Quiless found at the Android Play Store extremely handy.


I use a MINOLTA IVF and also a Sekonic L398A .
Both my models are not available on the market any more .
The SEKONIC has a SUCCESSOR with same name but slightly different power supply inside . No battery required .
The Minolta production has obviously been overtaken bei KENKO and the model is called KFM1100 .
Both my models reading differs by f1/3 .