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Dear members,

almost 3 weeks ago we upgraded the forum software of At the same time we created also a new theme/layout, so it looks a lot modern. This was the "basement" for our new house.

Now we did the second step in building our MF-house. Beside some small fixes and optimizing the "look" of over the last 3 weeks, we rearranged also some subforums and added some new ones. This is the "first floor" in our house.

The structure is now focused on those 3 brands, which pushed over the last 3 years actively the Medium Format market. This is Hasselblad, Fuji und Leica. We expect from these 3 companies also in the future the biggest "push" in Medium Format. We moved other MF-brands all together into one subforum. This does not mean, that they are not important. We just reflect with this new structure the current demand on the market. If less people buy i.e. Pentax, this will be reflected in the forum structure. If the demand is going up again, we can change that again easily.

Another "new" on the forums-list is a small subforum for non-Medium Format gear. We call it "the dark side of the power" :)

This is also just to reflect the reality, that most of us use not only Medium Format, but also other photographic gear. Whether this is fullframe, APS-C or Smartphones. So in case you want to talk about this, there is now also at a place for it, without changing the focus on Medium Format.

Please do not mistake this with our other photocommunity site called "". There, all sensore sizes and brands have the same weighting, It is not Medium Format focused as in our site

Last but not least, we added a "members only" section. You have to bee logged in to be able to see something there. This is for privacy reasons. In that section you can talk about anything you want to. So Google crawl will index it ;)

But we are not finished yet. We would like to start now with step 3. The "second floor". It will be rather a "phase 3" in our housebuilding, because it will take more time to do this. We want to know, what you would like to see in the future at For this we have in the "members only" section the suggestion thread. Please post there what we shall implement in the future at

One thing which is aleady on our list are interviews with MediumFormat photographers. We wanted to do this already a long time ago, but always something else came inbetween.

So think about what else would be of interest for you. This could be cooperations for photography online/offline courses etc. Just post your ideas, no matter how wild they sound. We are open for all ideas. We will try to make it possible :)

So do not hesitate. Come and express your wishes and ideas now! Click here. :z04_carrot:

Your Team
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